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Introducing Featured Author:Deidre Longacre

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About the author:

She had to be persuaded to share her poems with us.  

She invites readers to send their comments by contacting her here: deidre@fantasypress.com

AUTUMN OBSESSION  by Deidre Longacre

I hear them crackle beneath my feet, as I tread them into crumbs.

When I glance down at the beautiful carpet they make,

I must repress a great desire to cast off my shoes,

And run, like a barefoot summertime boy,

Through the crisp, dry leaves.


THE APPLE  by Deidre Longacre

Rosy-Cheeked, Cherry Red,

Drooping down, near my head.

Looks so lucious; can't resist. 

Try to grab it; opps, I missed.

Now I hold the ball of red.

How'd I get it?   On the head!


NOVEMBER SONG by Deidre Longacre


The Sun shakes out her silken, scarlet skirts,

and veils the horizon in flaming crimson.

Where scarlet is touched by the chill November winds,

The color fades to a pale pink glow,

To await the touch of lingering purple twilight...

SNOW by Deidre Longacre


Quietness is a winter night, blanketed with snow.

A very lovely powdered white, with moonlight dipping low.

The tiny sparkling flakes quite like diamonds glow,

To settle now on ground and lakes,

the lovely, quiet snow.

NIGHT THOUGHTS by Deidre Longacre


Flowers in the forest,
Gay violets so blue
Are sprinkled with the stardust
That makes the morning dew.
The roses, dainty petals
Colored pink and white
Are sending forth the fragrance
To scent the silent night.

The sentinels of the forest,
Pine trees lofty, high
Sharpen up their needles
And scratch the evening sky.
They make holes for starlight
Gently to come through



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