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Introducing Featured Author: Wendy Rae

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About the author:

You may contact her at: miss_mcgoo@geocities.com

Exclusivity   - a poem by Wendy Rae


You and me it is bound to be.
None other will ever be permitted closer.
For you and I mirror the sands that run deep.
Grain for Grain,
we match.
Exact. Identical.
Phenotypically and Genotypically.
None other is needed
For we fill each other's glass.

We cling to a long hoped for forgotten illusion of Genotype.
Phenotype we may be,
But Genotype is lost forever
To our outstretched,grasping,white,pale,fleshy shoots.
Exclusionary is what we are.
Never taking a breath.
Never giving life to another gamete,
To allow a perfect triplet.
Instead a couplet we remain.

Increasing ever increasing,
incongruently in grains of sand.
Why not let them in?


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